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GnC events are series of events organized to develop database of  international genetics, cellular and molecular researchers for a therapeutic perspective of GnC sciences.View More »

GnC Network

GnC Network coordinates to organize discussion forums on the perspective of Genes and Cells Therapy in Pakistan-Iran-Turkey and networking of GnC researchers.

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GnC Journal

GnC Journal
ISSN: 2410-6887
Indexed: ProQuest, NLM

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Journal of Genes & Cells

Journal of Genes and Cells (ISSN: 2410-6887) is an international multidisciplinary GnC therapeutic research journal.

Journal of Genes and Cells, is specific journal for genes and cells based therapeutic research. This journal is being indexed by many international indexing and abstracting databases such as GoogleScholar, ProQuest, NCBI-NLM, CrossRef and DOI etc. View More

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