Ethanol and Stem Cells

Afsaneh Farokhi , Fatemeh Koohpeima, Mohammad Javad Mokhtari

Afsaneh Farokhi
Islamic Azad University, Zarghan Branch. Email:

Fatemeh Koohpeima
Shiraz University of Medical Sciences

Mohammad Javad Mokhtari
Islamic Azad University, Zarghan Branch
Online First: August 15, 2017 | Cite this Article
Farokhi, A., Koohpeima, F., Mokhtari, M. 2017. Ethanol and Stem Cells. Journal of Genes and Cells 3(2): 58-63. DOI:10.15562/gnc.58

Many studies have showed disadvantageous effect of ethanol exposure on stem cells. Ethanol exposure during development leads injury to various types of stem cells including neural stem cells (NSCs), dental pulp stem cells, mesenchymal stem cells, embryonic stem cells and etc. Because NSCs play a basic role in the development and maturation of the central nervous system, it is vital to understand the effect of ethanol on NSCs differentiation. Additionally, alcohol misusage appears lead to periodontal disease, tooth decay and mouth wounds that are potentially precancerous. Individuals who abuse alcohol are at high risk of having seriously destroyed teeth, gums and compromised oral health in general. Some of these adverse situations maybe are because of ethanol effects on stem cells. Therefore, here, ethanol effects on the various types of stem cells were reviewed.

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