Classification of Wounds: Know before Research and Clinical Practice

Muhammad Irfan-maqsood

Muhammad Irfan-maqsood
Pakistan Society for Gene and Cell Therapy. Email: muhammadirfanmaqsood@gmail.com
Online First: January 15, 2018 | Cite this Article
Irfan-maqsood, M. 2018. Classification of Wounds: Know before Research and Clinical Practice. Journal of Genes and Cells 4(1): 1-4. DOI:10.15562/gnc.61

Cutaneous wounds are known as the damages and injuries on the skin. Knowing the type of wound is very important before any kind of treatment or therapy being applied. Each type of wound is different from other due to the different structure, biology and pathophysiology, therefore, a kind of treatment for one wound cannot be specified for others. Considering the importance of types of wounds, these wounds are classified into different categories because of their different pathobiology. This manuscript would be a great piece of knowledge for the tissue engineer to develop specific skin substitute for specific wound which might help for the development of appropriate treatment strategies.

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