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Biological organization is the hierarchy of complex biological structures and describes us how life is organized in a well manner way.  Genes and Cells are the the most complex levels of biological organization which are encoded with all answers humans are looking for. Circles of Genes and Cells is a startup project aimed to create explore the life at genes and cells level involving multi-disciplinary and quantitative research approaches.

Gene and Cell Therapy

Genes and Cells for Diseases (A Medical Handbook Series)

Genes and Cells is a medical handbook series discussing the promising potential of Genes&Cells in medicine.

Genes and Cells for Skin Diseases

ISBN: 978-1-7779034-4-2

Genes and Cells for Bone Diseases

ISBN: 978-1-7779034-6-6

Eminent Scientists of Genes&Cells Therapeutic Research

Scientists Who Have Contributed Significantly in Genes&Cells Therapeutic Research

Insight of Genes and Cells (GnC Insight)

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coronavirus vaccine

Coronavirus vaccine : when will it be ready and available in market?

GnC News (1 April, 2020): Human trials for Coronavirus vaccine will begin imminently – but even if they go... read more

coronavirus vaccine

China’s First Coronavirus Vaccine Delivered for Human Trials

The day after the first clinical trial of a coronavirus vaccine candidate began in the U.S. on March 16,... read more

Novel COVID-19 vaccine

Novel COVID-19 vaccine and mAb development from spike protein structure: NIH is almost to control the breakthrough

NIH Vaccine Research Center and University of Texas (UT) Austin team has uncovered the structure of the COVID-19 spike... read more

Oncologic stem cells

Five Of The Latest Oncologic Stem Cells Discoveries

Oncologic stem cells have been identified in many malignancies, and targeting these cells could help in the fight against... read more

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1000+ institutes in 100+ countries have performed 10000+ clinical trials of Genes&Cells based therapies

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