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What GnC is?
GnC Network is for the Promotion of Genes and Cellular Therapeutic Sciences in Iran-Pakistan-Turkey

GnC or Genes&Cells is an international platform being established by PhD graduates in cell/molecular sciences from Iran-Pakistan-Turkey with the aim to create a network of international Genes and Cells researchers in the region for the promotion of Genes and Cellular based therapies in Pakistan-Iran-Turkey.

Illustration showing the formation of an animal cell from dna and chromosomes. Digital illustration.
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How we promote science?

Discussion Forums

GnC Platform coordinates to organize discussion forums on the perspective of Genes and Cells Therapy in Pakistan-Iran-Turkey.

GnC Events

GnC events are series of events organized to develop database of  international genetics, cellular and molecular researchers for a therapeutic perspective of GnC sciences.

Journal of Genes&Cells

Journal of Genes and Cells (ISSN: 2410-6887) is an international journal  of young researchers to publish multidisciplinary GnC therapeutic research.

Our Vision

GnC Founder’s Vision

Dr. Muhammad Irfan-Maqsood, Ph.D.Pakistani Entrepreneur and International Speaker - ScienceTech+

GnC Events

International Events on Genes and Cells Around the World

Journal of Genes and Cells

ISSN: 2410-6887

Journal of Genes and Cells (ISSN: 2410-6887) is an international journal being published by Pakistan Society of Genes and Cells Therapy and managed by GnC platform of International researchers in genes and cell therapeutic sciences from Iran-Pakistan-Turkey.

Our Blog

Genes&Cells, as an international platform has been launched

Genes&Cells as an international platform of researchers and research institutes in ECO and BSEC countries has been launched. International [...]

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